The DomeKleener eliminates the need for Cherry pickers, Ladders or Lifts as it is used whilst standing on the ground by one person and can access cameras up to 9 metres (30 feet) from the ground.

With its patented cleaning head, it safely cleans Dome cameras and, with an additional head, can be used for cleaning box cameras.



The Domekleener weighs less than 4.5kg and is manufactured in the UK from aluminium and stainless steel. Mounted on a telescopic carbon fibre pole, the Domekleener is a must for any maintenance or security company.

How the DomeKleener works

Find out what businesses think

“We have been very impressed with the performance of the DomeKleener product. The cost savings and safety benefits quickly outweighs the original purchase price.”

“Using the DomeKleener has hugely reduced our cost’s time and required Manpower on Pre-Planned Maintenance at our clients premises. It’s simple to use, and super effective. 5 Stars!”

“The Domekleener product was very useful and practical for what we need to achieve as a servicing company.”

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