“Falls from height are the single biggest cause of work place deaths and one of the main causes of major injury”

Health & Safety Executive

Why use a Domekleener

The Domekleener cleans Camera Domes and traditional Box cameras mounted up to 30 feet (9 metres)’ It is ideally suited to working in difficult locations (such as Public areas) without any fuss or inconvenience to the customer – or danger to others.

Health and Safety legislation is very strict when working at height, normally requiring a minimum of two persons. Mobile or static platforms are expensive and require specialist training and the use of harnesses. The Domekleener eliminates these expensive procedures, making huge savings on your routine cleaning schedules.

CCTV sites where Video Management Software (VMS) and Video Analytics (Traffic Monitoring, Asset Protection, Perimeter Intrusion etc.) are installed, dirty cameras can cause system operational issues. Regular cleaning of the cameras is extremely important and the Domekleener makes this task easier and stress free!

The Domekleener is used by only one person without the need for specialist expensive training. It requires no power, it takes very little time to set up and does not require whole areas to be isolated so that cleaning can take place.

The Domekleener lets you clean cameras that are mounted in what have previously been inaccessible positions. It can be used in areas that are normally inaccessible and at times that suit you. The Domekleener is ideally suited for working inside where erecting a tower would have previously been the only option (Supermarket aisles for example).

The Domekleener is manufactured in theUK. The Cleaning Head is engineered from aircraft grade Aluminium and Stainless, while the Pole is made with Carbon Fibre. This makes the Domekleener extremely lightweight (less than 4.5kg) durable, robust and it cannot corrode!

Here are just a few comments we have received:

“We have been very impressed with the performance of the DomeKleener product. The cost savings and safety benefits quickly outweighs the original purchase price.”

“Using the DomeKleener has hugely reduced our cost’s time and required Manpower on Pre-Planned Maintenance at our clients premises. It’s simple to use, and super effective. 5 Stars!”

“The Domekleener product was very useful and practical for what we need to achieve as a servicing company.”